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Jennifer Aniston Inspired by Mom’s Fashion for New Film

Jennifer Aniston is gearing up for the release of her new film, Life of Crime, and she’s channeling someone she knows well for the role. In the movie, Aniston plays a socialite from the 1970s. And she looks like her mother.

“I basically look like my mom. I pulled out a lot of her old pictures and tried to rock the old Nancy Aniston 1970s look,” she says of her neckerchiefs, polyester wardrobe and big sunglasses. In the movie she stars alongside actors such as Tim Robbins and Will Forte, and she also produces the crime movie. It’s based on “The Switch,” a crime novel from 1978. She worked hard to transform herself in to a 1970s socialite, and she has her mother’s real life wardrobe to thank.

“I love how Leonard writes his characters. I thought she had such a beautiful arc and a powerful one. In that time, to write that for a woman in the ‘70s was pretty awesome,” she says of her character in the movie. She plays a housewife and mom who is kidnapped. She’s also excited to work more in the production stage of other movies.

“Absolutely, that’s the next thing. The big sort of hurdle I want to take on. I’ve done a few short films that I’ve just loved the experience of doing, and I’m just waiting for that wonderful window and that wonderful script and that will be the next one for me. I love human experience. I love human beings and behavior and relationships, and it will probably have something to do with that one,” she says of her desire to produce and direct more films. While she’s not currently working on any new projects, she’s open to finding the right one to put her stamp on. It’s merely a matter of the right script coming along.

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