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Lebron James Gets an Acting Gig in Judd Apatow Movie

LeBron James has talent. Few can contest that. Thing is, don’t you hate it when someone has too much talent? Not to be mean, but there should be some sort of way to ensure that talent gets even distributed among people and that not just one or two people have all the talent. Not to hate on LeBron James at all. He has worked incredibly hard to earn his stripes, and now those stripes are paying off in a big way. Seems LeBron James is set to have a bit in a new Judd Apatow movie.

The movie is called Trainwreck, and was written and stars comedian Amy Schumer. Though little is known about the film so far outside of a stellar cast, we know this is all true about LeBron being in the film, as Apatow himself took to James’ Facebook page to let him (and the world know) just how excited he is that LeBron James is one board with this film. Again, we do not know the extent of his scene or scenes in Trainwreck, but it seems another huge leap for the basketball star. With the names involved we cannot help but wonder what kind of insanely comedic scenarios we end up seeing LeBron in once this movie drops.

Expect to see LeBron James on the big screen in Trainwreck sometime next Summer. Until then, you can continue to watch him dominate every other thing he does. Dude is just THAT good.

(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

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