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Scott Derrickson To Direct “Doctor Strange” for Marvel

Marvel is definitely taking some chances on some of their more odd work out there. First, we have Guardians of the Galaxy coming this Summer (with a talking raccoon) and now they are talking about a Doctor Strange movie. Doctor Strange is the mystic of the Marvel world, often traveling between planes of existence and dealing with magic. A pretty out there character, but a very popular one, so says Marvel. They even already have a director.

Scott Derrickson, who recently directed the creepy horror film, Sinister, is who will be in charge of directing the Doctor Strange movie. What I like about the choice is that this director has already worked with supernatural themes (which is what Doctor Strange deals with), so he will be at home with those elements. We are pretty sure they will go with an origin story, as this character has yet to be introduced or mentioned in any Marvel films to date. It will be interesting to see how they fit him in the movie Marvel universe, and how he will tie to other stories like The Avengers and X-Men. I can openly say, he is a pretty out there character, so I will be very curious to see where they take him.

Either way. Doctor Strange officially has a director, so it is officially happening. Just not sure how the world will react to a mystic fighting demons in a dream world. Not typical superhero stuff, that’s for sure.

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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