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Seth Rogen Answers Criticism About New Movie ‘Neighbors’

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Seven years ago Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl hit a home run with Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up. For those of you didn’t catch the movie, Seth Rogen struggled mightily with the prospects of become an unexpected father. Several years later he’s moved on to tackling the prospects of being a young parent in the movie Neighbors.

In the movie, Rogen plays a father of a newborn, who with his wife (Rose Byrne), is adapting to life as a new father. Now this isn’t like Knocked Up continuing right into This is 40, but it’s awfully close and Rogen is well-aware of it. When asked about the connection between Knocked Up and This is 40 Rogen’s response was frank and to the point:

“It didn’t escape us as we were making it. If you caught up with this guy the next year, there’s a chance this is kind of a version of what his life would be like. Honestly, it was kind of one of the most relatable ideas that I’ve ever had anything to do with in a weird way,” Rogen said in a recent interview. “No one’s made a movie about a couple struggling with the fact that they have a baby and they can’t party anymore. It might be one of the single most relatable moments in humankind.”

Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg have gotten criticism like this before. What can you do? The guy (with Goldberg) is churning out quality comedy films. Who cares if there’s an odd connection?

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