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Twlight Director Bill Condon Will Direct Beauty and the Beast

I guess if you want to make a movie about a woman falling in love with a beast, you get someone who directed Twilight. I mean, think about it. Both stories are pretty much the same. Pretty, timid girl finds a monster who helps her come out of her shell and she falls in love with said monster even though society will judge them. Same thing. They knew this, as they got Bill Condon, who directed Twilight. Smart move is you ask me.

It is clear with a story like Beauty and the Beast, they would want to cater to the same audience (i.e women and girls) and by directing Twilight Bill Condon already proved he has what it takes. Make no mistakes, either. This is all Disney, which means it will have some of the same scary undertones and rely a lot on the romance idea, too. We can be honest, though. Maleficent has really pushed this “Disney in real life” idea big time. Jungle Book and Cinderella are both being made into live-action films as we speak.

Truth is, this seems like a good fit for the subject matter. Bill Condon knows how to reach a female audience, and that is just what this re-imagined Beauty and the Beast will be looking to do. They are still in the earliest stages, so more on Beauty and the Beast as we hear about it.

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

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