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Is an All Women Ghostbusters’ Project in the Works?


When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, call a group of women who specialize in ridding homes and businesses of ghosts. Hollywood movie director Paul Feig is reportedly discussing a new version of the hit movie, Ghostbusters, but there will be no men on board. The Ghostbusters this time around will be a group of ladies looking to protect their city from goblins and ghouls.

Feig is the director behind the hilarious movie, Bridesmaids. The new Ghostbusters is said to be an all new remake of the original Ghostbusters movie, and the cast of women doing the ghost-busting is going to be a comedic group. If you can judge Feig’s success in casting leading ladies in an ensemble cast from his Bridesmaids example, it’s safe to say that the all-female Ghostbusters are going to be nothing short of completely hilarious.

Rumor has it that Feig is in negotiations with Sony Pictures, though Sony declined to comment on the project or the rumors surrounding negotiations. However, Feig is currently in the midst of several other movie projects, which means that any sort of female ghostbusting in his future is going to be in the distant future. Fans will be pleased to know that one of his current rumored projects has him teaming up with Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy yet again.

For Ghostbusters fans, however, the third installment of the mega-hit movie is in the works, though it’s taking a bit longer than expected. In 2008, the original writers of the Ghostbusters’s script were hired to write number three, and then another writer was hired four years later to rearrange the script. Additionally, the director who took care of the first two original Ghostbusters’ films dropped out of the new project earlier this year. At this point, the entire franchise is a bit questionable.

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