12 Most Popular Celebrity Vacation Spots

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Are you thinking about your vacation plans for 2014? Take a second and imagine you had infinite wealth, would those vacation plans change? A lot of people would say no, but there are many that would think about where the celebrities go. Celebrities seem to think alike because many of them vacation in the same hot spots around the globe.

The ’12 Most Popular Celebrity Vacation Spots’ offer a unique mixture of sun and sophistication. Most of the top vacation spots amongst celebs has a beach. Others off a standard of living that we, the common folk, can only dream about. There are celebrities that vacation with families and celebrities that are looking to have a good time. Whatever they fancy, there’s a place for them that is exclusive as it is expensive. The most unique thing about celebrity vacation spots are there aren’t as many as you think. They all seem to go to the same place.

Take a look at where celebrities are most-likely headed in 2014….

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