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  • Beach Granny

    I’d like to look so “ugly” as Uma!

  • Penny

    Uma looks healthy either way!

  • Malcom

    She looks ok with makeup on but better with out the makeup.

  • Cogent Asparagus

    You got it badly wrong with Uma; she looks better sans makeup than some of those do with it!

  • mare

    Uma looks pretty, but who knows if she’s had work done, ever. In my super ex girlfriend (years ago), even dolled up she was looking worn. Celebrities are mortal just like the rest of us and age too.

  • Karenindixie

    Uma is beautiful in both pictures. She doesn’t need makeup to make her gorgeous, but when she chooses to use it, she looks even more beautful.

  • mrnoetol

    Mrs. Thurman looks great without makeup. She is shockingly gorgeous.

  • Jaime Flor

    I Uma looks okay without her makeup…

  • Deanna Duncan

    Uma looks great without makeup!

  • sniffy45

    see the blackness in her teeth, bet her breathe is revolting, and she is ugly with makeup

  • Janice

    I believe that no matter if you’re a celebrity or not, what you look like without makeup is beautiful, and don’t let any other people or media tell you otherwise. :)