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  • jima

    Demi is naturally beautiful; And more beautiful without make up :)

  • Nissim

    Demi Lovato looks absolutely beautiful without makeup. Why is she featured in this article?

  • Lourdes

    She is prettier without makeup.

  • jerry

    demi looks better w/o makeup…very pretty.

  • Jenna

    So much better without make up! Her skin is glowing

  • annie

    Actually, in my opinion, Demi is a natural beauty and looks pretty in this picture.

  • kate

    Demi looks 50 times better without makeup! She’s a natural beauty :-)

  • Fiona

    Demi Lovato looks so beautiful without make-up. She truely has NATURAL beauty!

  • ROb

    She looks better natural

  • jaykz

    better WITHOUT the makeup!

  • Juan


  • shine0011

    Demi Lovato looks prettier without makeup. Lucky girl.

  • Winn

    Uma, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry & Kim K. can all slip out into the eyes of the paparazzi without makeup. Mila & Jennifer Lawrence in particular should always keep a makeup kit handy. The fact that they are both young and in their ‘prime’ gives one pause…especially since they are the darlings of the paparazzi and are constantly given glowing/gushing ad nauseam reports on how ‘beautiful’ they are. Instead, those reports should be on how well their makeup artists transforms their plain jane looks into camera ready beauties. Is Cinna working behind the scenes? Makeup…. Jennifer…Mila… Don’t Leave Home Without It!!!

  • JESSY_leanne101

    ummmmmmm can we just pause and look at how flawless she is in BOTH