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73 thoughts on “Busy Philipps

    • I’m with you. Some of these celebs look better without makeup. Some of the ones that look ‘better’ still look unattractive – I suppose it is true that beauty is only skin deep!

      This whole article is very shallow – we all (and women especially) have enough to put up with without feeling we have to look at our best at any point in our life.

    • Many of them I think look better without makeup, in particular Anna, Kim and Demi. As for some of the other shots it is clear that they are taken at different times in their lives for example Kate Perry. It is all perception and as I am not one into the over made up look myself and prefer natural most of the pictures I preferred the “before” look. Half of these look great without makeup, even on a bad day which we all have.

  1. I don’t agree with all the actresses, some of them still look great without makeup. But this just speaks to many women, if not most. Unfortunately not many possess “natural beauty”, and rely on makeup. But more to the point it just shows what we perceive beauty to be.

  2. Half of these actresses look just as lovely without make up – Hillary Duff, Anne Hathaway, Khloe Kardashian, Tyra Banks, Beyonce and a few others in your list still look great without all the slap.

    Some (e.g Mila Kunis and Kelly Clarkson) look quite bad though. Interesting to see that we perceive beauty as made-up beauty, not natural beauty. If make-up didn’t exist, I reckon men would only find about 0.001% of females attractive.

    • if make-up didn’t exist, then the standard for beauty probably wouldn’t be as exaggerated as it is now so men would still probably end up finding many women attractive.

      anyways, the ones that seemed to suffer the most are those that are significantly aged already.

  3. All beautiful women. Sure it’s a contrast to see someone’s bare faced photo beside a full face of professionally done makeup – but definitely NOT UGLY.

  4. Many of these women look terrific-only a few look a little haggard but they most likely just woke up! Some look not so great with the makeup on—several of these women have natural beauty and the right attitude-if you notice the ones that do look better are all slightly smiling-the others that don’t just look angry—happy they show the real person they are and not Always ready to hit a red carpet-

  5. Don’t be fooled people…most of the “no makeup” shots are all taken either way earlier in their lives, or way later…most have either lost a significant amount of weight, or had work done in the “makeup” shots….
    Truth is, they will all look beautiful if they would sit for a no makeup shot and then get made up in the same day…

    This is to make you feel bad about yourselves….

  6. These comments are ridiculous… Most of these girls look terrible. I hate this bullish!t about “all these women are beautiful”… No, they are not. They look terrible and we should call a spade a spade without sugarcoating it. Although, i do love mill kunis, I would eat her bum.

  7. how petty. i think most of them are beautiful, make up or not. in fact, many of the makeup shots look worse!
    seems rather unethical comparing candid, casual shots to professional, enhanced photography though, doesn’t it.
    i am sure you just forgot to include the men, right?

    keep the hating alive!

  8. The only two who really surprised and shocked me were Sophia and Mila. Wow to the differences! I actually thought a lot of them looked better without it. You have to take into consideration lighting, hair, clothes to compare and you didn’t. Lighting, hair, clothes, all make a world of difference and I’m betting if you put them on here without make-up, good lighting, clothes, hair they’d look almost as good as with it.

  9. This has more to do with outfits, lighting and hair than it has to do with make-up. I bet that most of these ladies would look almost as good without as with make-up if the lighting, hair and clothing were the same in both pictures. Saying that, I was mostly taken aback by the pictures of Mila, Jennifer and Sophia without make-up.

  10. Just because they look like normal people doesn’t mean that they are ugly- quite the opposite actually. This is actually quite offensive. Seriously, who has time to paint their face every time they leave the house… I suggest that only the very vain and insecure. I applaud these ladies for having the confidence to show their true faces despite the constant nagging and unrealistic expectations of the media. It is no wonder that young girls have such horrible self esteems these days.

  11. Actually, guys seem to be able to get away with being au natural in the limelight….. It is naïve to say there is no difference between most of the photos above, and yes, some celebrities look worse WITH the goop….. fact is, yes, people are shallow to call anyone ugly or say they’re not “beautiful” without great hair and cosmetics…. Unfortunately, the industry thrives on makeover stories and our culture’s idea of success is how alluring you are. Celebrities make their fortunes by depicting themselves as flawless, it’s just how it is. The line is how we define “beauty” as opposed to sexual prowess. And what people as individuals are attracted to. Another way to look at it is that our bodies are canvases, and make up and dress are a form of art. Yes, these articles bring out the superficial side of ppl, but it is nice to see that under all the product celebrities look just like I do :) It’s how they act to the ppl who know them well, and their personal integrity that makes them who they are, appealing or jerks. And yeah, the ones who are smiling and quirky seem most genuine.

  12. Hilary Duff, Beyoncé, Anne Hathaway,Tyra Banks, Milla Jovovich, Kim Kardashian: quite pretty

    Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne, Demi Lovato: just as regular looking as they do with makeup.

    There were few shocks here, mainly the aforementioned Mila Kunis, Sofia Vergara and Katie Holms. But they weren’t given a chance to pose or straighten up. Those are not just pictures without makeup, they are bad pictures.

  13. Funny how it’s mostly women who insist that they are all beautiful without makeup, while the guys are making fun of them. And yet it’s guys who say they prefer a woman without makeup. Personally, I think some of the older women look horrendous without makeup. Some of them look hideous in both shots. And some of them look great in both shots. Bottom line, some women need makeup (especially those who are pale or over 30!), some women look fine either way, and bright red or pink lipstick doesn’t look good on ANYONE.

    • I think the men are criticizing the blatant difference–and also all of the effort that goes into the “beauty.” At least, I am. I also see it as part of the job, and not a very glamorous part.

  14. I appreciate this drum roll of with/without photos because it reveals how superficial celebrity can be. It’s been clear for a long time that Hollywood “beauty” is a big production and that many people can make themselves look more attractive with the right hairstyle, outfit, and make-up. It’s too bad this display doesn’t include Angelina Jolie, but the writer may have been hard-pressed to find a picture of her without her iconic Star-Trekish presentation.

    I do think that a couple of these women look more attractive without all of the paint, but more to the point, there are many regular, non-famous women out there who indeed possess “natural” beauty, and some of those who feel they look better with mascara actually don’t.

    Final note: I like how so many of these shots caught the subjects as they were toting a coffee drink of some kind. Maybe the best place to catch them is the local Starbuck’s in Malibu.

  15. Seriously? Most of these women look better without makeup. They are all gorgeous and this page is mocking them when they are either having an off day, get a bad photo, or they just don’t feel like putting make up on? This disgusts me. Won’t be coming back to this site. Where’s the page critiquing famous men’s every flaw? I can see this making some women feel like they have to have multiple layers of paint on their face every time they leave the house. Maybe when you go to a big event like an awards ceremony, but when you are jogging or making a quick run to the store you should not have to coat your face!!!! They are all beautiful. :-) Me personally, I’m going to offend the world with my natural face.

  16. What a surprise it’s all women saying that these women without make up still look beautiful. The same gender that tried to make Sarah Jessica Parker a sex symbol.

    Outside of Milla Jovovich must of these women look awful without make up.

  17. I’m surprised it doesn’t just go without saying that everyone has a somewhat different taste. I see some of these posts complaining that men say they prefer girls without makeup but don’t really mean it. Well, I’d say I do prefer that, it doesn’t mean all women look better that way as much as it means a woman I find attractive looks just as good with or without makeup. Doesn’t mean she’ll work the same magic on everyone, but genetics and lifestyle habits are more the building blocks than cosmetics. My reaction here was that the women who looked bad without makeup mostly still looked bad with makeup. Maybe not as strikingly bad, but not good enough to sway me. On the flip side, I think Beyonce or Anne Hathaway are pretty irresistible regardless. You can tell they are still pretty (to my tastes) even if they’re not shiny and glowing. And others were knockouts that just couldn’t stay young forever. But even that’s just my preference. One of the posts above me thought everyone looked awful sans makeup outside of Milla Jovovich, and she’s a particularly standout example of not my cup of tea, with or without. But she doesn’t need to impress me, she needs to impress Paul W.S. Anderson. And even still, there’s surely plenty of men who really do prefer a heavily made-up girl, whether they are pretty to begin with or not. It’s probably best to have a wide range of looks, especially ones we disagree with, because then we appreciate the ones we like all the more.

  18. I don’t see how the title fairly shocking fit these pics if half the women look great without make-up. Plus it’s nice to see that they go out all natural instead of getting all dolled up just to get a coffee.

  19. The pictures are not so shocking after all, in fact they don’t look so bad without make-up. Somehow I think any make-up looks a lot worse to some of them, because, they are all dolled-up when they have make-up on. I prefer the natural look.

  20. It’s all smoke, mirrors and, most of all, fantasy. I think the take home is this: Ladies, a Hollywood star has nothing at all that you don’t have in terms of physical beauty. Period! They just spend a lot of time in the make-up chair before you or I ever see them on camera or on stage. No one on this planet lives up to the fantasy of beauty.

  21. It’s amazing what makeup, lighting and photoshop can do. Most of these women look completely ordinary without makeup.

    And it’s ironic that the natural beauties like Anne Hathaway and Kelly Brook look worse WITH makeup. I am in no way a Kim Kardashain fan, but I’ve seen shots of her without makeup on and she is absolutely stunning. Instead, she piles on loads and loads of paint, covering up her natural beauty and ending up looking like a generic Hollywood tramp.

  22. Personally, I think there is too much of a double standard on what is acceptable for women. It seems that everyone finds some kind of weird satisfaction in making fun of women without make-up, natural hair, small chests, pale skin…etc. We should just be accepting of the fact that we all look different because of our heritages and body types; however, I don’t think people will ever let go of that mean-spirited attitude. That’s a shame!

  23. This has more to do with outfits, lighting and hair and striking a pose rather than having make up on,the features you can’t change(a part from plastic interventions) but make up or no the features are the same,some are just badly aged,others are just tired or have some pimples,the are normal women and seriously the are NOT UGLY.nothing shocking! what about us peole who don’t ever have airbrushed pics and a lot of professional make up? should we commit a suicide cause we are so naturally shocking?! lol

  24. I always enjoy these pictures, makes me realize that we are all the same. I just wish I had the same make up artist.

    We are all beautiful inside and out.

  25. It’s the skill of the make up artist very often, although I thought Hilary Duff (whoever she is) looked really good in the supposedly without make up shot.

    Some of them are just bad photos on the before and good ones of the after like Katie Holmes but a lot of them well … even Barbie lol did look a lot more attractive with make up. Shows you that plastic works.

    I think some men if they took some of these ladies home would be disappointed when they saw the real women instead of the make up facade. Scary eh gentlemen?

    And I’ve got to say I prefer women with a bit of make up but not that face cream stuff..

  26. I am old now. I wish I could have seen pictures like this many years ago when I was an insecure teen and young woman and no one told me about the magic of airbrushing, and makeup artists. I was naive enough to compare myself to the printed perfection, and as a result hated myself and all of my ‘flaws’. I felt ugly my whole young adult life. Far from bashing or sexist, these pics would have been such a reassurance to my confidence that I was not in fact hideous. Today’s insecure teenage girls should be reassured in the same way, that they are not lacking in any way.

  27. I can find teenagers in my local shopping mall that look better than 97% of female celebrities.

    I love how all the women say that “inner beauty is what matters” and then proceed to spend an hour putting on make-up EVERY DAY. Actions speak louder than words, ladies.

    Also, many of these celebrities are actually not that hot. Never were that hot. They’ve just been thrust into our faces because of one or two TV or movie hits and then when we find out we’ve been hoodwinked about their actual beauty, people get upset and try to rationalize how that could have happened.

    Two things about this little piece: (1) Make-up works. (2) This isn’t the old MGM days of the 1940′s and 50′s when celebrities were protected and everyone fawned over them. A lot of these celebrities need to be taken down a notch in their looks department because they spend SO MUCH time pushing their looks at every single red carpet affair.

    Any actress who spends an hour posing for photos on the red carpet better be okay with getting ripped apart in some candid photo by a paparazzi.

    But like I said, I can go to my local mall and find dozens of hot teens that destroy these celebrities in the looks category. And the fact is, most of these celebrities have nothing to show for themselves except looks.

    Katy Perry doesn’t even write her own songs or music. She’s little more than an American Idol lip syncer. Can you imagine Van Halen, Rush, U2, Sting, or Prince singing songs that other people composed for them and trying to pass themselves off as musicians?

    A lot of these women celebrities are fake and superficial. And wearing make-up is 100% consistent with their fakery lifestyle.

  28. Where have all the men gone? As usual, the femmes are held to a more exacting standard than les hommes, but then again it’s the standard they themselves used to get famous in the first place. Anyway, it’s not so much the loss of paint as the march of time that’s at work here and only Barbie is immune to that.

  29. Despite what people may think, make up can’t make a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Most of these women have great bones, and great features. They just need make up to give them that Hollywood polish. I guarantee if you met most of them, without make up, you’d still be amazed.

    Cosmetics began as a way to accentuate the desirable, youthful, aspects of a woman’s face. Bigger eyes; clearer skin; redder lips, dark eyelids and so on.

    In my entire long life I’ve only ever met three women who looked “made up” without actually wearing any make up. It’s just incredibly rare. That said, if you stood most of these women alongside an average woman, all of them without make up, you’d still know which were beautiful and which weren’t.

    I know it makes some people feel better to see celebrated beauties looking rough, and I find that sad. If it was only about hair and make up, we’d all be celebrated beauties.

    However, the truth is, we’re not. And that’s okay.

  30. I think they key part for most of the ladies here that don’t look so great without the makeup is that they are either making strange faces, frowning, squinting or look sick or tired. Quite a few look much more warm and real so therefore more attractive in my opinion. I prefer au naturale though typically… Too much makeup sets off the uncanny valley response for me.

  31. The only true comparison in the bunch is the barbie with and without makeup. This picture truly points to the effects of makeup. Other than this, these pictures are very biased (something as simple as a smile would improve most of these non-makeup images).

    • Agreed. I don’t even know who she is other than Glee, but she really does look better without make up. Naturally pretty woman. As to all the others…I’m sure they practice proper table manners.

  32. i totally agree that some of these people do look fine, or even better without make up! kelly osborne, snooki, katy perry, demi lovato, hilary duff, and a few more look great! what do we expect people to look like without any make up?

  33. This helps to remind us all that celebrities are just ordinary people with professional hair & makeup artists to make them look perfect. We don’t need to worship them. They are just like all of us.

  34. They look fine but the writer just wants to show you that they look normal just like us. Have acne scars and wrinkles and washed out complexions also. I did theater make up for a few years. I took plain women and make them look freaking hot. It is in the way you apply the makeup, what type you use and shadowing to get that slimmer look. Just never went into cosmetology but I have fun making women up and I learned it all when I was in the theater for 6 years as a performer, 4 years High school and 2 community theater. It what is on the inside that counts most.

  35. Now you know why cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar industry.
    Interesting that all the “celebrities” were women and included no men…..or I should say males?

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