Celebrities Who Still Live With Their Parents

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The life of a celebrity is full of parties, vacations, appearances, and more. It’s without a doubt life in the fast lane and it can start very early for some teenage celebs. There’s only one thing that could potentially get in the way of all the fun of famous life – living with your parents.

Believe it or not there are a handful of celebrities who live with their parents despite this life in the fast lane. We’re not talking about young celebrities either, we’re talking about celebrities of all ages. Typically, once a celebrity hits 18-19-years old they’re on their own. They have enough money and they want to enjoy the party life – just look at Justin Bieber. Do you think The Biebs wants his parents interfering with his social life? I think not.

So who are the celebrities that aren’t concerned with shacking up with mom and dad? You’d be surprised to see famous people of all ages either “fail to launch” or don’t care about their parents interfering with their social game.

Image via Rob Kim/Getty Images

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