The Most Influential Celebrities of 2013

The Duke Of Cambridge Attends The Winter Whites Gala In Aid Of Centrepoint

What makes a celebrity influential? How do you quantify the influence that celebrities may have over the general public? There are many factors involved in making such a calculation that include earnings, endorsements, magazine covers, social media presence, and more. A complex, yet very simple, algorithm can be created to scientifically show who has the most influence.

We don’t use an algorithm here at CelebrityToob, but we do incorporate many of the factors mentioned above. So who are the Most Influential Celebrities in 2013? We’ve compiled a list of the our top 10 spanning television, movies, sports and music. It’s surprising to see that music dominates the list, but is it?

Read on to see the list of the 10 Most Influential Celebrities of 2013….

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