Twelve Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Related

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Generally, when one kid in a family gets into show business, other kin are often soon to follow. I think there are many reasons for this. One, brothers and sisters are naturally competetive. That is not a bad thing by any stretch. But it does exist between siblings. Second, once someone is famous, it can naturally open doors for their siblings that would have otherwise remained shut. But I bet there are a bunch of famous celebrities you didn’t even know were related. Not even just brothers and sisters, but cousins and uncles, too.

Famous celebrities who may not share names, or may have only one parent in common, but it still counts. Also, it can make things easier for casting directors, too. Instead of having to run auditions for two days straight, they can just tell someone to call their brother, sister, or cousin. I imagine it saves on cost as well.

So we decided to compile a list of twelve celebrities you didn’t know were related. Don’t feel bad. Before the list, even we didn’t know about half of these showbiz families.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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