10 Celebrities Diagnosed With Deadly Diseases


So many people think that it won’t happen to them. Deadly diseases are for other people. Additionally, many people feel that celebrities are not just like the rest of us, but they are. They are not immune to the kind of real life problems the rest of us have, including illness and disease. While you might be of the opinion that cancer, AIDs and other diseases likely to kill you only happen to other people, imagine how celebrities feel. They’re not invincible, which is why it’s always so shocking to the rest of the world when a celeb is diagnosed with a deadly disease. They are just like the rest of us, yet we seem to hold them to some higher power; like they cannot be brought down. But these 10 celebs, they disagree with you after being diagnosed with deadly diseases.


Hugh Jackman

He only plays a superhero in the movies. In real life, he’s just like the rest of us. That means he forgets to use sunscreen and he might not always take good care of himself. What that meant for the handsome Aussie, however, is that he suffered from a deadly disease we all know as skin cancer. He was first treated for his cancer in 2013 and then was treated three more times the following year. It’s not a disease to mess with.


Michael J. Fox

He’s been living with Parkinson’s Disease for more than 24 years now, and he’s doing remarkably well for it. The disease is deadly, and he’s been taking many medications since his diagnosis in 1991. He didn’t come forward about his diagnosis, however, until 1998 and made the decision to retire in 2000 when  his symptoms became much worse.


Montel Williams

Remember the famous talk show host? He’s had some issues in the press in the past few years, but he’s lived most of his life with Multiple Sclerosis. The talk show host was diagnosed when he was in his early 20s and has suffered the side effects off and on his entire life. The disease, if not managed correctly, could take his life at any time.


Nick Cannon

When he was hospitalized a few years ago, his then wife Mariah Carey announced to the world that her husband’s kidneys were failing and he had a rare form of Lupus that affects the kidneys. Thankfully, he is all right now, but he has to keep a very close watch on his health if he wants to remain healthy. Lupus attacks healthy cells and can cause complications that could kill the funnyman if he is not careful with his illness.


Selena Gomez

The former Disney Channel star suffers from an autoimmune disease called Lupus. This disease means that her body attacks healthy cells and compromises her immune system. While Lupus itself is not a deadly disease, the complications that it can cause certainly are. For example, if Gomez were to contract vibrio – a bacteria that grows in warm water in the summer while at the beach – it would likely kill her. Whereas to someone with a healthy immune system it would just make them very sick, but it would be treatable.

lil wayne

Lil’ Wayne

The rapper once had so many seizures in a short period of time that people began to think that his drinking and drug use finally caught up to him. The truth, however, is that he suffers from epilepsy. This is a disease that could very well take his life as he suffers from seizures. He never knows when or where they will occur, and he has to be on constant guard to protect himself against the deadly seizures.


Magic Johnson

When he announced to the world that he was diagnosed as HIV positive back in 1991, everyone was shocked. The sad part is that the world was more shocked that he had it because they then wondered if he was gay (much less was known about the disease back then as it is now). He’s been living with this disease for 24 years now, and he’s in good health. However, it’s considered very deadly and can be one of the worst diseases in the world.


Sharon Stone

She suffered a brain aneurysm back in 2001. It took her years to learn how to walk and talk again, and the recovery from this kind of disease is not always good. In fact, she lost the ability to do many of the things she learned to do as a child, including the fact that she could read. She also has a stutter, and has to manage her health by avoiding many foods and alcohol. She’s been healthy since her recovery, but she’s always careful to make sure she doesn’t experience the same thing again.


Giuliana Rancic

The news host and reality television star was diagnosed when she was only in her mid-30s with a deadly form of cancer. She and her reality television star husband were trying very hard to get pregnant and had to go through IVF. When she went into for her first appointment, her doctor asked her to have a full checkup, and it was discovered that the host had breast cancer. She underwent treatment and is currently in remission. The disease, if not caught when it was caught, could have killed her.


Christina Applegate

She was only 36 back in 2008 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent treatment for her disease and was able to pull through. She had a double mastectomy to help prevent the disease from returning, too. She is now an activist for women to have their breasts checked regularly. She and Giuliana Rancic were both diagnosed very young, and they want the world to know that you should not wait; get checked now and get checked early. Though it’s often believed that the disease only affects older women, this is simply not the case and these two celebrities know that better than just about everyone.

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