10 Crazy Methods Celebrities Use to Avoid the Paparazzi


Being rich and famous certainly does come with its perks. Imagine being able to walk into any restaurant in the world and get a table immediately, or being able to buy anything you want, go anywhere you want and you never have to worry about your finances. Those are just a few of the great perks that are associated with being part of the celebrity in-crowd, but most of the time celebs feel the pitfalls of celebrity rather than the perks. Sure, you can get a table anywhere you want just by walking in, but you can’t eat a meal in private, frown at your significant other without divorce rumors starting or head out in sweats to do some errands without people wondering if you are hungover or pregnant and hiding it. It’s a lot of invasion and a definite lack of privacy being a celebrity, and that’s why some celebs have to get really creative about dodging the paparazzi. In fact, some celebs have created fantastically crazy methods to avoid the paps, and we have them here – forget hats and sunglasses; these celebs are too cool for that.

A Board Statement

When Miley Cyrus is not in the mood to have her face splashed across the front of every magazine in the country, she is not shy about letting the press know. She likes to walk around with a judge’s paddle that has a photo of a little girl on the front with the caption, “No Way,” which, perhaps, is her way of saying she’s not really in the mood to have her photos taken at the moment. We get it, Miley; and we totally respect it. Good for you for saying what’s on your mind.

Paper or Plastic?

When an actor such as Shia LeBouf walks around with a bag over his head to avoid the press, he chooses paper. That’s because putting a plastic bag over your head is considered dangerous and could potentially suffocate you (for those not completely aware of this small but very relevant life fact). And if he hadn’t taken it off for a second so that photogs could recognize him, no one would have known that the freak with the bag is just a famous character.

A Masked Affair

When the Biebs doesn’t want to be recognized in public, he dons a face mask that makes him look more like someone who is going to rob a bank than hang out with his friends. Some would argue that these days, however, he’s probably more inclined to rob a bank than anything else, but we like to think that he’s a good kid who will get his act together before too long.

Duck, Duck…Ron Weasley? Is that You?

When Rupert Grint gets tired of hearing people calling him Ronald Weasley, he puts on a giant duck head and walks around like that. Of course it’s just as noticeable as his actual face, but at least people want to stay away from the crazy man in the duck mask rather than running up to him and asking him to perform some sort of magical spell on them. He looks like a total quack.

Double Duty Flowers

She is notoriously private and likes to stay as far away from cameras as possible, but it’s not always possible. There was a time in which she made the decision to hang out behind a bouquet of giant flowers so that she looked legs flowers with legs. Awesome decision, really. We just hope she gets them home and in flowers as quickly as possible, since they are quite lovely. Especially the stems on those things. Get it?

Stuffed Food

Normally food makes you feel stuffed, not the other way around. But once while walking through the airport, Katy Perry did not want her photograph taken, so she carried a large stuffed donut pillow in front of her face the entire walk through the airport. It worked like a charm, too. Except the line at Dunkin Donuts got long fast since she was making everyone hungry walking by.

Charitable Work

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are one of Hollywood’s hottest couples, and they use their creativity to bring attention to things like charities in need of support. When they go out and don’t want their faces photographed and sold, they’ll carry signs in front of their faces that encourage paparazzi and their fans to donate or help their favorite charities. Pretty ingenious, really. We love the concept that these two work for; which is finding a way to bring attention to things that they view as far more important than themselves, and that’s beyond kind of awesome.

Dress it Up

When you are Jaden Smith and you don’t want your photos taken, just dress up like a superhero with a mask and a full costume and head out. That’s what he did when he dressed up once as Iron Man and made his way through California streets waving and enjoying himself. It’s a great way to draw attention to yourself without actually drawing attention to yourself, which is what we believe Smith is trying to do.

Elephant Ears

Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Well, Harry Styles, the heartthrob from One Direction sometimes find that his hang low. That is, only when he’s wearing his oversized elephant head, of course. He likes to put this on when he’s not in the mood to be recognized or noticed. Well, he might not be recognized wearing this monstrosity, but he’s certainly going to be noticed wearing it. It’s a little bit large and a lot in charge.

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

Celebs like Ashley Tisdale are not above preventing photographers from selling photos of her to magazines for ungodly sums of money by doing things such as hiding her face behind her adorable pup. As much as the world loves puppies, they don’t sell for as much as Tisdale’s face. Nicely done, Ashley.

Photo by David Klein/Getty Images

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