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Dancing with the Stars 18th Season Cast Announced

"Dancing With The Stars" Season 17 Winners Visit "Good Morning America"

Man, I will start this off by saying TV works quick now a days. I often wonder what the real life time frame is behind the scenes on huge reality TV shows because they seem to be able to turn around quickly. One season ends, and it seems like right away, another begins. It is like they have the next season all set up as they are doing the new season. I am saying this because they have announced the newest line up for next season’s Dancing with the Stars. Man, do these people even get to take breaks? Also, I find great irony in the fact that the new season debuts on my birthday this year. March 17th. So green drinks and celebrity dancing, huh? Can’t say I saw that coming.

So if you want to check out who all the contestants are, you can check out ABC, but we skimmed and can definitely tell you the most notable entries in this year’s Dancing with the Stars line up. We got some classic TV love happening next season, with Candace Cameron Bure from Full House and Danica McKellar who was Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years going head to head. Listen, if you told me two of my childhood crushes would be dancing against each other on a TV show when I was a grown man, I would have called you a liar. Now to realize that exact scenario is not only happening, but premiering on my birthday tells me one thing. Birthday wishes DO come true. That proves it.

Some other notable contenders will be pop star Cody Simpson (I have no idea who that, is by the way) and some other person named Sean Avery, who I think plays hockey. Well, it will be a darn interesting season of Dancing with the Stars this year.

(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

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