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Is Dancing With the Stars Ladies Man Maksim Chmerkovskiy Dating Another Partner?

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‘Dancing With the Stars’ hunk Maksim Chmerkovskiy has preyed upon his dance partners throughout his career. Every season, he’s given a new woman to date, we mean dance with, and it seems to work out well for him. Perhaps his most publicized relationships were with fellow dance partners Erin Andrews and Hope Solo. He’s been quiet of late on the dating front, but he’s resurfaced and may have found a new dance partner to bring headlines.

Meryl Davis and Chmerkovskiy’s sizzling hot chemistry on the dance floor might be turning into a real-life romance. Insiders are starting to gossip and they’re saying that the couple is hot on the dance floor, but even hotter off it! Here’s a report:

“There were no cameras on them, but Maks was spotted kissing her and hugging her. They seem super close, and it is definitely not just for the cameras. Everyone on set has noticed their chemistry!”

There were conflicting reports that stated that Maks was getting friendly with Jennifer Lopez, but those never went anywhere. Right now, the story above is still being put in question, but we wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Maks was moving in on another one of his dance partners.

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