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What Should We Expect from Dancing with the Stars Season 18?

You know what the one thing I love about Dancing With the Stars is? You just never know when something awesome or awful will happen that wasn’t planned.  A lot of people are wondering what to expect from Dancing With the Stars season 18, and the truth is, we have no idea. But we can surely make some guesses as to what could make this season stand out.

People falling down at inopportune moments, maybe? People fake passing out like that “Real Housewife” did a few seasons back? Raw chemistry between dancers and celebrities. Perhaps we will see an all new side to some D-lister we have never seen before. Think of Jack Osborne, and how impressive of a dancer he got over his season. I am sure we can expect some turn around like that during the season. Mainly, I think it is safe to say one thing you will definitely see during Dancing With the Stars season 18:  Celebrities who can’t really dance trying really hard to dance. People can pretend there are other reasons they watch this show, but I think we all know better.

It would be like if there was a show where someone tried to teach a fish to ride a bike. Everyone in the world can claim they watch it so they can route for the fish to actually ride the bike, but the brightest of us know better. They are tuning in to see the fish take a nasty spill. It is just how we are as people. Either way, I will be tuning in to Dancing With the Stars season 18.

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

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