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Is American Idol Going to Lose Money This Year?

Fox's "American Idol Xlll" Finalists Party

So the big question on many TV execs mind today is is American Idol going to lose money this year? Well, the reality of this was inevitable. Every year they put more and more money into who they hire as judges, and they can’t just expect to fork over millions and millions for talent on the show and not have that catch up to them and hit them in the wallet. That is just not how finances work. It is time for American Idol to take stock and figure out what is more important. Big names on your show, or big profits behind the scenes. If we know anything about TV, the network wants money, and will care little about the stars they need to execute to help get that all back to normal.

You also have to factor in ratings in all this. If the show is spending way too much on celebrity judges, and on top of that, the ratings are failing, you have what we call a perfect storm of fail. Now would be the time for American idol and all behind the scenes on the show to figure out what is most important. When the show started, it seemed the idea was breaking new talent into the game. Now it seems the show itself is more proud of its host and who it has on board than who is it “discovering”. The reality is, American Idol IS set to lose money this year, and when that happens, you can guarantee that things will change up.

A show is only as good as the money it makes and audience it brings in, and when a show stops doing both of those things, it is obvious something need to change, or else the show goes bye bye. Sorry. It is just the reality of the business.

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