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American Idol May Get Downsized

We sort of sensed that this might be happening. As good as American Idol is, it cannot stay on top forever. No one or nothing can. It started with the talk of changing judges.   Then they cut down the results shows, and now it seems the show may be getting delegated to one single night a week. It may not seem big news next to shows that already do that (like pretty much all shows) but for Idol fans, this is a pretty serious blow.

Though Fox has not come out and said anything official to that effect yet, the boss of Fox has said we should maybe expect this coming. Dwindling ratings (along with other networks like HBO bringing in huge numbers) has affected American Idol more than it would like to admit. What has most fans on the edge of their seats is the simple fact that they think this could be the last step before cancellation. The fact that the last few season winners have not gone on to make much music does not bode well for the fate of the show, either.

But you American Idol fans sit tight. This show is more an American Institution than just a show, so I would not expect them to throw in the towel yet. As you can see, they are trying to do all they can to avoid that fate. I, personally, think a single episode a week is a pretty normal flow and they are probably going to be just fine down the road.

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