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American Idol is Renewed for Season 14

I would not say American Idol is so much a show as it is an institution. It is a machine that spits out hits and hit makers as if they were being made on an assembly line. I am not saying that is bad, but it would be foolish to just think of it in terms of a show. Between the music the show makes and the stars the show creates, this is a brand. A multi-million dollar brand. So if anyone actually thought this show was getting cancelled, they mustn’t know how making money works.  The show makes a lot of money (even outside of its own ratings), so of course American Idol gets renewed for another season. To do anything else would be a poor business choice on their end.

Yes, there may have been a slight ratings dip (this often happens when the judge change-ups first happen) but it is still a money making machine, and they don’t intend on stopping that anytime soon. I guess some people were worried, though, because a bunch of big networks have given some big shows the axe in the last week, and Fox is no exception. But we think it is safe to assume that American Idol will be on the air for a long, long time.

Heck, even if American Idol got cancelled, there are still a dozen or so other singing shows, so not like you would need to worry about a void in your life. Still, this show is not going anywhere.

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