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Buckwild Stars Don’t Want to be Compared to Jersey Shore

They’re both reality shows on MTV that feature a subculture of America doing crazy things on camera and bringing notoriety to their region, but the stars of the new show “Buckwild” say they’re nothing like their “Jersey Shore” counterparts.  TMZ’s photog caught up with two of the show’s stars, Shain Gandee and Shae Bradley, yesterday in NYC, fresh off the premiere of their show, which is set in the backwoods of West Virgina.

One of the quotes I enjoyed was “we’re not guidos.”  However, remember something backwoods people.  Those “guidos”  became millionaires.  So remember, this is about marketing and being as dumb as you possibly can.  If the promos are any indication, these folks are going to become financially well off.

However, all indications are that they’ll lose their fortunes quicker than morons who win the lotto.  Good luck though!



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