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Contract Negotiations Put Halt on Big Bang Theory Filming

Big Bang Theory

Fans of The Big Bang Theory are looking forward to the show’s 8th season premiere on September 22nd on CBS, but many fear that the show will be delayed returning to television. At the moment, the show’s five biggest stars have not returned to set as they were expected to this past Wednesday. Why? Because they want more money.

The Big Bang Theory makes millions of dollars on new shows and reruns every day, and the cast feels they should see a raise for it. At the moment, stars such as Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons make around $300,000 per episode. Reports surfaced this week that the cast members are asking Warner Brothers — the company that produces the show – for a raise of 100 percent. They want to be well on their way to earning the kind of salary that cast members from FRIENDS earned in their final season, which was $1 million per episode.

Right now, negotiations are ongoing. Sources say that while Warner Bros. is happy to make millions off the reruns that show every single day, they’re not as happy about giving up any of their profit. The show is currently the number one comedy on CBS, and it hopes to stay on top.

“Warner Bros. TV is making so much money on the show that they don’t want to give up as much, but they’re going to have to,” said one executive from the studio. Since contracts have not been signed, the cast is under no obligation to return to work. The studio is confident that the contracts will be signed soon and that the cast members will return to work. Fortunately for Big Bang Theory fans, as long as the contract negotiations end before September arrives, the show can still premier on time without any issues.

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