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Crazy Tony is Being Banned from Honey Boo Boo by Mama June

Mama June is puttin’ her foot down banning Crazy Tony from appearing on future episodes of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” all because he’s too crazy, even for reality TV.  Tony was arrested in Nov. for taking part in a dangerous prank which involved a man scaring people on the side of a freeway in a giant gorilla suit, a move Mama June was none too pleased about.

Mama continues to say that they love Tony as a friend but that the show is trying to “keep it in the family.”  Tony is apparently bummed out by the news but don’t ever mess with Mama June.  So here’s my theory on Mama June.   I fully believe this lady is way smarter than people think.

In fact she’s probably executive type smart.   I’m guessing she has storyboard meetings with TLC every week to go over what the family is going to do.   We just don’t see this side of her.  Then again I could be completely wrong and the family really is just that ignorant and entertaining.

P.S. it’s the Learning Channel.  Come on!

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