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David Letterman Walks out on Joan Rivers


Days after walking out on an interview after being upset by the interviewer, Joan Rivers got a taste of her own medicine during an interview with David Letterman. Rivers made headlines earlier this week after a CNN reporter accused her of wearing a fur jacket on the cover of her new book, calling her mean and asking her why she feels it’s all right to make jokes of off-limits subjects when she got up and walked off the set and out mid-interview. Rivers appeared on Letterman’s show to promote her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva and ended up interviewing herself after Letterman stormed off in the middle of their interview.

Not to worry, folks. Letterman didn’t storm off in anger, only in jest. While Rivers was in the middle of her interview, answering questions and discussing her book with Letterman, the host stood up, took off his jacket and walked off with a major attitude. Almost without missing a beat, Rivers continued the interview without Letterman, asking herself questions and answering them on her own.

Rivers was not amused with the line of questioning and comments made by her CNN interviewer, but she’s quick to make a joke and to take a joke. She and Letterman laughed about the joke, making light of the situation and moving forward.

Prior to her appearance on Letterman, Rivers discussed the CNN incident. She addressed the rumor that her exit from the interview was designed as a PR stunt, emphatically denying it. She went on to say she does not do publicity stunts and was not amused at the tone taken by the interviewer over her book, which is a comedy book written to be funny, lighthearted and entertaining. Her belief is that the interviewer designed her questions in a way that was accusatory and mean, not understanding what the book is about.

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