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Drew and Nick Lachey to Star in New Reality Show

They may have cooled off from their original 98 Degrees, but it seems that former boy-band members Drew and Nick Lachey are coming back to television and opening a bar. The A&E channel is set to film the famous brothers as they open a new bar. The brothers, who are from Cincinnati, have decided to become businessmen in their hometown. A recent press release states that the brothers have no idea how to run a business, but that’s all right. “Despite their lack of knowledge about running a business, the determined brothers are ready to roll up their sleeves and learn the ins and outs of running a place where everybody knows your name,” states the release.

The bar is something Lachey has said over and over again is a lifelong dream of his. The brothers are open to learning about the business as they go, as they are determined to make the bar a success. The reality show is set to air sometime in 2015, as they will film the bar as it opens. At the moment, Lachey’s Bar is set to open in November, but anyone in the restaurant business can tell you that those dates are often just a goal and that it sometimes takes a bit longer.

Whether or not Vanessa Lachey, Nick’s pregnant wife, and their son will appear on the series is unknown. Drew and his wife and kids live full time in Cincinnati, but Nick’s family lives in Los Angeles the majority of the time and Cincinnati only part time. However, if the bar is a big success, it’s always a possibility that the new reality stars might make the decision to spend more time in Ohio.

This is not the brother’s first time on reality television. Drew appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and Nick and his ex-wife, Jessica Simpson, had their own reality show prior to their divorce.

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