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The Good Wife Writes a Letter to Viewer after Crazy Plot Twist

Okay guys, just a heads up to fans of the CBS show The Good Wife. This article will have serious spoilers for this past Sunday’s episode, so if you are behind, stop reading now. The reality is, something massive happened to shake the show up this week, and rather just leave it alone and lets fans speculate (and be upset) the creators behind the show did something very interesting. You don’t hear stories like this very often, I can tell you that.

So what happened?

Well, one of the major characters on the show was unexpectedly shot and killed this week. The Will Gardner character to be exact. The show runners knew this would upset fans, so they did something kind of unconventional (and kid of cool). They wrote letters to fans of the show explaining why they did what they did, and why it is okay to be upset. It sounds insane, but think about how good of P.R that is? Remember how mad people were when Homeland killed off a major character? Remember how people said they planned to stop watching the show after that. Me thinks this is The Good Wife, trying to avoid that same pratfall.

But, this is a two sided coin.

You see, it is THEIR show to write as they see fit, and when writers need to start writing letters to personal fans to appease them for writing decisions they made, there has been a shift on power. The way I see it, it is their show to do as they see fit, and if people want to spazz on them for that, that is fine. In the same breath, it was a personal and kind move on their part, and one that will probably keep fevered fans on board for the show.

What are your thoughts on this crazy story? Take to the comments and let us know.

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