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Gwen Stefani is Confirmed as New Coach on the Voice

The smartest musicians and rockers realize true money is not just made in music, but in the selling of one’s self and image as well. Perfect proof of this is the new ideal gig for older rockers: being a judge on a music show. It is easier than making an album, and the money is great. Seems the latest star to realize this is Gwen Stefani, who was just announced as a new host for The Voice.

To me, this seems like a genius call. The show seems normally reserved for mostly pop stars who seem to mostly pop out pop stars. Maybe someone more rock influenced like Gwen Stefani can spit out some cool rocker chicks. The one thing that may get some people all riled up as the fact that Stefani is taking Christina Aguilera’s chair. There is no bad blood, though. Xtina was looking to move on to other things at this point. It is not like Gwen Stefani walked in and kicked her out of her chair or anything. This is business, and this is just how business works.

The rumor is the singer made a pretty sweet monetary deal, but we don’t know the fine print quite yet. The singer confirmed it on her Instagram this week, so it seems it is all set in stone. Now we just have to wait to see what kind of judge she ends up being.

(Handout Photo by MTV/Getty Images)

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