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HBO Announces Which Actors Will Star in True Detective’s Second Season

True Detective is coming back for a second season, and fans are excited to hear that there are two new leading men in the series. The rumors are, in fact, true; Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell will be the new stars of the hit series. The new season, as announced by HBO, will include 8 hour-long episodes with “three police officers and a career criminal,” and they “must navigate a web of conspiracy in aftermath of a murder.”

Ray Velcoro is the name of the character that Farrell will play. He is a detective who is torn between his precinct and a mobster that owns him. Vaughn’s character is Frank Semyon, who is a career criminal that is in the process of moving his criminal business into something legitimate when his partner is murdered.

The actors are replacing the two men that starred in the first season of the hit series; Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. The concept of the show was such a success that it earned several Emmy nominations as well as praise from even the toughest Hollywood critics. The man who directed the Fast and the Furious franchise, Justin Lin, will also direct at least the first two episodes of the new season of True Detective.

The rumors that Farrell and Vaughn have been in the media for several weeks surrounding speculation that they would be the two actors brought in to play the lead characters in the show this season, but nothing was made official until Tuesday, when the network made the announcement that the two actors have already signed up for the roles. Whether or not fans will enjoy the series with two different actors this season remains to be seen, but we can only assume that they will considering the network cast two famous faces.

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