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Juan Pablo and The Bachelor Finale Highlights

Alright, other websites may beat around the bush about this, but I am gonna be real. It is what I do. The Bachelor finale highlights all break down to one moment. One simple act, that had all the world looking away in embarrassment. As it was, many negative rumors have circled Juan Pablo’s reputation this season, and it all came to head last night on TV. Live on TV, Juan Pablo would not say ” I love you” to the woman he chose and supposedly chose to be with for the rest of his life. Spoiler alert: these two aren’t gonna last long.

As many of you know, Juan Pablo broke up with Clare Crawley and offered the final rose to Nikki Ferrell. But there are two huge things that happened next. First, as much as the host was prying and trying, he would not say I love you to her. She wrote this off and explained it away saying that he shows her in his actions, but come on. I am a dude. I know cold feet when I see them. Next thing to PROVE what everyone said about Juan was right (many said he did not come on the show looking for a wife, but rather, just some female attention), he also did not propose to Nikki. So in essence, it could be said that nothing came out of this season of the Bachelor.

So what were the Bachelor Finale Highlights? Mainly, Juan Pablo proving himself to be exactly the shady person that many said he was before the end of the season. Hey, the truth hurts, but at least Nikki learned this now and not in three weeks when he stops returning her calls. Quick side note: if you want to find real love, I don’t suggest looking for it on reality TV.

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