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Kate Gosselin and Family Return to TLC

Just when you thought that Jon and Kate Gosselin had ended their 15 minutes of fame, TLC comes back with a new season of Kate Plus 8. Since Jon and Kate divorced years ago (and have been tearing each other up in the media ever since) he wasn’t invited to participate in the show, but she and her eight children are back with a vengeance this winter on TLC.

The new season of the reality show will begin airing in December, and it will feature Kate Gosselin and her eight kids as they travel and live their lives as they see fit. Gosselin is the mother of two daughters headed into the eighth grade and sextuplets who will enter into the fourth grade here shortly. The show is going to follow the family as they head to New England and parts of Boston on a family vacation.

Part of the reason Gosselin says she wants to do the show is to prove to the world she’s just a regular mom. She’s said that she’s not the supermom everyone thinks she is and that, “it was never my intent to portray myself as superwoman. Behind closed doors, I struggle,” she said during a special two-part segment of the reality show that aired earlier this summer. She admits she spends a great deal of time crying. No doubt about the fact that her 10-year marriage fell apart in 2009 and that she’s raising 8 kids as a single mother while her ex-husband makes tabloid appearances with young women on a regular basis.

The show is set to air sometime in December on TLC, the same network that brought Jon and Kate Plus 8 to the world so many years ago. Tun in to see the reality star and her kids as they navigate life on their own.

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