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Katherine Heigl Has New Series Picked Up

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What happened to Katherine Heigl? Seriously, is she that bad? She doesn’t seem that bad in her movies, but oh right, that’s acting. While it may be a little difficult to comprehend for some, it’s a well-documented fact that Katherine Heigl is one of the most disliked actresses in Hollywood because of the difficulty she causes on set. In fact, several weeks back we reported that Heigl was having some financial troubles because she wasn’t getting a lot of work. Well, she may have finally solved that problem.

According to reports, Heigl landed a starring role in a new series that was just picked up by NBC. Heigl’s career was dangling by a thread and it really looked as if she may be one foot out of the industry. Fortunately, the mother of two was picked up to play CIA agent Charlie Tucker in State of Affairs.

Heigl left her role on Grey’s Anatomy to pursue a career on the big screen. She hit a couple home runs with movies like Knocked Up, but for the most part it turned out sour. Her and her momager built a reputation that she is impossible work with and suddenly she wasn’t working. Looks like that has all changed. Her new series is written and directed by Blacklist’s Joe Carnahan. Reports have also indicated that Heigl and her mother are executive producers on the show.

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