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Louie is Coming Back on the Air After 19 month Absence

It is insane to think, but it has been almost two years since Louie has been on the air. Do you believe that? That makes the wait for Game of Thrones feel like a week in comparison. The thing you need to understand about Louis C.K’s Louie is that he does it all himself on that show. Literally. Writes, produces, stars, and directs. There is no aspect of that show that he doesn’t have his hands in. You will also note, that is why it is so brilliant. Because he doesn’t outsource any aspect of his show. It is his show, and that is why it takes time. Well, great news. Louie is coming back on TV, very, very soon.

Louie is coming back on air in May. One of the most cynical, brave, daring, and original comedy shows of all time is coming back. Do you all realize how awesome that is? I know there are some great sitcoms out there, but there is nothing on TV quite like Louie. The show deals with things that would scare other shows away, and unlike most comedians, Louie doesn’t use his show as a way to make himself look cool. If anything, it is the opposite. He is brave and brilliant enough to put himself in very uncomfortable situations, and he does that at his own expense. It is that simple move that shows just how far advanced this man is over other people in his genre.

I will be honest, as far as TV comedy goes, nothing can touch Louie. It is a jaded person’s dream. A sitcom for nihilists. Maybe that is exactly why I love it, and love Louis, too.

(Photo by Katy Winn/Getty Images)

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