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Manti Te’o Girlfriend’s Death was a Hoax

Notre Dame superstar linebacker Manti Te’o, a 2012 Heisman Trophy finalist may have helped to trick the media into believing he had a girlfriend who died back in September when in fact, she may never have existed,  this according to Deadspin.com.

The tragic storyline captivated the nation during Notre Dame’s incredible 2012 season with countless stories from dozens of major media outlets detailing how Manti persevered after the death of his GF Lennay Kekua and had the season of his life.  Problem is, according to Deadspin, there is no hard evidence proving Lennay Kekua ever existed and no official records confirming a person by the name of Lennay Kekua passed away when Manti claims she died.

Wow, if this is true then this has to be one of the worst stories of our new 2013.   I mean come on people.  What in the hell kind of world are we living in right now if this crap is going on?  Seriously.   At this point I’d rather live in old communist Russia.  I’m not even kidding.

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