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Manti T’eo Will Finally Go on Camera with Katie Couric

It isn’t quite the Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah but I think people are going to be tuning in to watch Mr. Manti T’eo and his thoughts on this whole hoax with Katie Couric. Te’o spoke to ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap on Friday, but not on camera. During that interview, Te’o admitted he handled the Lennay Kekua situation poorly, but maintained he was in no way involved with the hoax.

The Notre Dame linebacker told Schaap he only realized for sure this past week that he was being duped. According to ABC News, Couric will sit down with Te’o and his parents, Brian and Ottilia Te’o. The interview will air this Thursday.

Folks, send in your comments.  What do you think about this whole thing?  Doesn’t it just seem too fishy?  I mean didn’t T’eo at least know something was up?  We’ve all had dreams on the internet but there’s gotta be a point where  reality has to kick in and T’eo knew nothing?

I mean his athletic director was crying on TV for God’s sake.   Come clean man.   I just don’t believe the whole story.

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