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Mug Shot Lands Man Modeling Contract


Being beautiful isn’t a bad thing, but being a beautiful criminal, well, apparently it isn’t a bad thing either. Jeremy Meeks, a 30-year-old California resident who was arrested in June for street terrorism, is the young man whose mug shot swept the nation, causing a complete frenzy. Once Stockton police offers posted his mug shot to social media, it received millions of views with commenters going on and on about how good looking he is.

While his bad behavior landed him in jail, it doesn’t seem to bother some, who are too appreciative of his good looks to care. Apparently being pretty means you can overlook your felony record. And while most people with an arrest record find it difficult to obtain employment, Meeks does not count himself among the many. In fact, he was offered a $30,000 modeling contract, even though he’s still in jail hoping someone will come forward to post his $1.1 million bail.

The contract was offered by Blaze Models, who want Meeks to come work for them as a model once he’s out of jail. Meeks has even secured an agent, Gina Rodriguez. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s got another questionable celebrity client; tan mom. You might remember tan mom and her really, really dark tan. Rodriguez’ client list just continues to grow as she represents some of the media’s favorite characters in their quest for fame.

The offer for a contract comes just a few days after some crazed fans decided to use Meeks’ mug shot in Photoshop to create modeling ads. The fan replaced the faces of other male models with that of Meeks’ and somehow the joke became a reality.

Photo Source: Stockton Police Department

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