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New Details and Photos emerge of Newtown mass shooter Adam Lanza

Accused Newtown shooter Adam Lanza was spending more time alone in the months leading up to the mass shooting as his mother, Nancy Lanza, attempted to encourage him to be independent despite his mental disabilities, a Hartford Courant/Frontline investigation has found. In a new documentary called “Raising Adam Lanza,” which airs Tuesday night on PBS, reporters from the Courant attempt to retrace the steps taken by Nancy and Adam in the years leading up to the shooting, complicating the picture that has occasionally appeared in the media of Nancy as a gun obsessed mother who was in denial about her son’s mental challenges.

Frontline and The Hartford Courant provided Yahoo News with several previously unpublished childhood and teenage photos of Adam Lanza they uncovered in their investigation.  You can view the photos at Yahoo.

To be perfectly honest there’s a huge part of me that just wants to stay away from this entire story.   It’s almost too painful to read.   Yet I know that in the years to come it’s going to be an important investigation to follow.   Because hopefully it will give us some insight into the minds of some people and how to avoid tragedies like this in the future.

Clearly this is a once in a lifetime type of event, however we’ve seen far too many people with guns effectively going “crazy” out there in the last year to just ignore it all.

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