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Relax Folks, CNN Did Not Just Spoil the Oscars for us All

2014 Variety Screening Series - "The Wolf Of Wall Street"

Relax folks, just relax. We know everyone is upset today running on the assumption that CNN spoiled The Oscars for us, but use some rational thought about this. So what happened is, they showed a plaque getting made for the Oscars that said Leo DiCaprio wins best male lead for Wolf of Wall Street. This got people so mad, unaware that they (supposedly) make plaques for every entry before the awards show. Realistically, people have not even finished voting yet on who gets Oscar, so essentially, they wouldn’t even know yet. See, CNN did not just spoil The Oscars for us all.

But even if they had, what is the big deal? The reality here is that we have a society full of people who like to whine and complain about everything. Let’s say for the sake of this article that entry was ruined. I have two things to say. One, good for Leo. Dude deserves it. Second, you have never messed up at your job? Maybe whoever was filming was not thinking, and that happened. We have all done it. Had that one stupid brain fart at work, and then we don’t get to live it down. Maybe that is just the case here. Maybe some guy got up on the wrong side of the bed, messed up at work, and now all the world is mad at him. I say so be it. Way worse things have happened to us as Americans than an awards show getting ruined.

So like I said before, relax folks. CNN did not just spoil the Oscars for us. And even if they had, what is the big deal. It was one category. Lighten up.

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