The 15 Best Ygritte GIFs from Game of Thrones

Ygritte Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones character Ygritte is responsible for creating one of the most popular memes and GIFs on the Internet thanks to a memorable line she tells Jon Snow. She is also well-loved by the show’s massive fan base and it is evidenced by the plethora of awesome fan made Ygritte GIFs that have surfaced around the web. We’ve compiled some of the best GIFs of Ygritte that encapsulate why she’s an awesome woman of the Free Folk. Check them out after the jump…

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You Know Nothing, Jon Snow

You know nothing, Jon Snow

This memorable line is forever immortalized in modern pop culture through several memes and GIFs . Interestingly, the phrase is also found in the book of A Storm of Swords. It is arguably the most essential Ygritte GIF on the Internet.  At the same time we’re also seeing the amazing tough side that we all love in Ygritte.  She’s just so awesome!


Save Me, Jon Snow

Save me, Jon Snow.

Ygritte is a fierce character, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be adorable when she wants to be.  In her vulnerable moments she can’t help but to be the “girl” she always wanted to be.  At the same time however, you don’t always know if she’s using her charm for a purpose or because she really means it.  It’s usually acting though.



I’ll Haunt Ya!

If there’s a woman out there that knows what she wants and has complete honesty, it’s Ygritte as evidenced here and her threat to Jon Snow.  What’s amazing about this line is the fact that even thought she says “I’ll haunt ya” you know that male audiences around the world kind of want a woman like that to haunt them.

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Sad Ygritte

Crying Ygritte

This is probably the perfect GIF to use whenever you want to express your sadness on the Internet.  At the same time it’s a testament to the character.  Despite how tough she is, she’s human after all.  Then again, yeah, this is amazing meme that really should have caught on more than it has.


You're Mine

You’re Mine

Anyone who ships Jon Snow and Ygritte would have this GIF saved on their computers.  Classic romance moment from Game of Thrones.  But also let it be known that when Ygritte wants something, she pretty much takes it.  No questions asked.

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Girls see more blood than boys

Girls see more blood than boys

Ygritte speaks the truth for every woman out there.  The meanings in this one are vast.  In Ygritte’s case it’s clear she’s talking about women, but we all understand that her character sees plenty of blood from battle as well.  Still though, the line just screams “intense.”


That's Cold

That’s Cold

If you need a GIF to express fearlessness, Ygritte shows it best.  That expression is one we don’t think we really ever want to see on a person.  It’s like a serious case of revenge and cold hearted kind of a face.  Never get on Ygritte’s bad side.


Bow and arrow

Bow and arrow

Oliver Queen isn’t the only one on TV who looks awesome with a bow and arrow.  Did you know that Ygritte is also a gifted archer in real life?  That’s right!  So it’s no wonder they gave this character that skill.  She looks amazing holding the arrow and being ready to strike.


Beautiful Ygritte


When she’s not acting tough, Ygritte’s beauty shines through this GIF.  The red hair.  The questionable gaze.  The bow and arrow hoisted on her back.  Even the fur she’s wearing.  If only modern day women could look like this and have it be socially acceptable.


Ygritte in Snow

Ygritte covered in snow

Doesn’t she look pretty covered in snow? Seriously, no pun intended.  Actually we completely intended that pun but still, no character looks better in the cold than Ygritte.  It could be a muddy typhoon and she’d still look amazing and ready for battle.


I'm not anybody's

I’m not anybody’s

Ygritte is all about girl power because she doesn’t belong to anybody.  And especially in those times when women were treated with zero respect you gotta hand it to Ygritte.  She doesn’t take anything from anyone.  A true independent soul.



What’s swooning?

Apparently, Ygritte doesn’t know what millions of fans do whenever they see her and Jon together.  The funny thing is that she totally knows what it is.  Maybe not in definition but she has an incredible knack for swooning at least once per appearance on the show.


Is that a palace?

You know nothing, Ygritte.

This time Jon Snow gets to  tease her with that line.  It’s a constant back and forth with these two and we’re always eager to see which one has the upper hand.  In this case it was clearly snow who had Ygritte a little backed up in a corner.



She is afraid of no sword.

Well she’s great at keeping eye contact with the sword but at the same time she’s a really cool character.  Ygritte is afraid of no man (or sword)!  It’s like she’s just looking at death and really doesn’t care.  She’s so tough!

via Rubyred on Tumblr


Such a flirt

She can get any guy she wants and knows how to bring out the woman in her whenever she wants.  That’s the genius of such a tough woman like Ygritte.

via Rubyred on Tumblr

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