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True Detective Cast to Be Announced Next Week

All anyone has been talking about for months is True Detective, and with good reason. The first season (series?) had a huge impact on the TV watching public. It was hard not to get pulled into their world of death, deception, and noir. It was a TV show very much unlike most of the drivel that was out there. Since it has ended, everyone has speculated who will star in next season? Who will be the next True Detectives?

Well, at least we have made some progress on this count. Rumor is the show may have more leads this time around, and the buzz is that the script is a lot tighter and will have people hanging on the edge of their couch even more than the first season. Truth is, we have heard everything from Brad Pitt to Emma Stone, and we have no idea what to believe anymore. Safe to say, just like the mystery in the show, they were throwing out some “false leads” when it came to casting. It would be nice to see more of a female dynamic added to the show (they were basically wives and hook ups in season one), but besides that, we cannot imagine it being much better.

Either way, I guess we will find out next week who our new True Detectives will be.

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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