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Once Upon a Time’s New Trailer is Getting Fans Excited

It’s the moment Once Upon a Time fans have been waiting for. The ABC show has finally released the first official trailer that features the new cast members from Frozen. The show features a 30-second clip that’s just enough of a tease to make it impossible for fans to wait another few weeks for the new season to air.

During the trailer, it appears that the land of Storybrooke is a little bit on the cold side. As Elsa passes through some of the most popular landmarks in the “town,” things are looking a little cold. In addition to Elsa, however, the trailer also features some shots of the veteran cast members. In one scene, fans are given a glimpse of Emma, Jennifer Morrison’s character, who seems not even remotely pleased to see Elsa show up in Storybrooke. “Really?” she asks in an exasperated and upset tone of voice as she seems completely unenthused.

Additionally, Regina the Evil Queen, played by Lana Parrilla, seems a bit uncaring about the entrance of Elsa and her clan to Storybrooke. In her scene in the trailers, she merely remarks, “Here we go again,” and leaves it at that. The show returns to ABC on September 28, and fans are waiting for the night with anticipation. Ever since the season finale showed a glimpse of Elsa’s entrance to the show, fans have been waiting impatiently to see who would be cast, what the storyline would entail and how the new characters would be introduced to Storybrooke.

While ABC cast its new Frozen characters over the summer, fans were thrilled each time one was publicly announced, showing their excitement about the upcoming season and the casting for each of the new roles. With just a few weeks left until the new season airs, fans don’t have to wait much longer to find out how things are going to go in Storybrooke.

(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Bloomingdale’s)

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