The View Cohosts Open Up about Departure

Jenny McCarthy

The View cohosts Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd made headlines just over a week ago after posting cryptic messages regarding their departure from the hit daytime talk show after this season. This week, they’re back in the news after confirming their departures while on the air during The View. Fans of The View might have mixed feelings after both cohosts announced their departure and discussed their reasons behind leaving the show.

Jenny McCarthy opened up on the show to tell her cohosts and viewers why she’s leaving. “I am so grateful to have worked with Barbara Walters in her last year long with many producers and cohosts, but after much consideration, I have a new job that will allow me to do what I do best, which is talk without having to interrupt anyone,” she said on Monday’s show, “I will be announcing it in the next few weeks and couldn’t have been more grateful for the fans who have supported me, so stay tuned even if it does compete with The View.”

Shepherd added her piece to the discussion, adding that she refrained from discussing her personal life, which includes her ongoing divorce drama and her child’s custody drama because she wanted to focus on the celebration that was occurring as Barbara Walters celebrated her retirement this past May. Now she’s opening up about her departure from the talk show after seven years behind the table.

“I will forever be grateful to Barbara Walters and Bill Getty for taking a chance on an actress and a comedian and making me learn things and step out of my comfort zone, for giving me a chance when everybody said that I shouldn’t be at this table.” She continued by telling her cohosts that they’re her sisters and her friends and they mean the world to her.

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