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VMA Red Carpet Style Channels MTV Past

Last night’s VMA awards were fairly tame in comparison to previous years. Aside from Beyonce and Jay-Z’s questionable decision to bring their toddler to the show, and Nicki Minaj’s questionable wardrobe malfunction and interesting performance, there was really nothing too shocking and too inappropriate to occur (remember Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at last year’s VMAs?). More to the point, the biggest stories of the night had to do with throwbacks.

When Katy Perry and Riff Raff emerged from their yellow Lamborghini, fans were thrown back more than a decade to the arrival of former couple Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ VMA arrival. When the former couple showed up on the red carpet wearing matching full-on denim ensembles, the world went nuts. When Katy Perry and date exited their sports car wearing full-on denim ensembles, the world went nuts.

Prior to her arrival on the red carpet, Perry tweeted that Versace designed a custom gown for her that incorporated her, “love for nostalgia,” and it was the truth!

Perry wasn’t the only star channeling the past at last night’s VMAs, either. Amber Rose, wife to Wiz Khalifa, channeled the dress worn by Rose McGowan at the 1998 VMAs. If you don’t remember her dress, you might have been too young to watch the show at that time. McGowan stunned the world when she appeared next to nude on the red carpet, wearing a dress that was nothing more than a few sparkly chains connected to one another. All cameras had to censor each and every one of McGowan’s private parts.

Rose was a bit tamer in her version of the dress, however. Hers offered full coverage of her bits and pieces and there was no need to censor her. The rapper’s wife managed to keep it all together during the red carpet and the show. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend.

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