10 Best Gifts Celebrities Have Ever Gotten from Fans


It’s no secret that the relationship a celebrity has to their fans is a special connection. Because so much of their life is in the public eye, people will feel connected to the person themselves by feeling a connection to their work and presence. This can lead to some wonderful things, including the fans even gifting things to their favorite celebrities! Some of the gifts celebrities receive from their fans are incredibly special, which is why we’re here to give you a run-down of the coolest ones! So, here is our list of the 10 Best Gifts Celebrities Have Ever Gotten From Fans, in no particular order:

1. Cardi B’s Blanket

Cardi B is an incredibly wonderful rapper, songwriter, and personality. Because her style is so unique, it also makes sense that she has some unique traditions of her own, such as carrying around her special purple blanket. This is why when she lost it in October of 2017, it was really nice of the host (on TRL) Sway Calloway to give Cardi her own custom blanket made by Collage.com. This awesome purple blanket was totally complete with her own artwork!

2. Billie Eilish Received Stuffed Animals From Fans

In a recent interview with Billboard, Billie Eilish revealed that the most interesting gift she’s ever gotten from fans was in Berlin, Germany. Two fans walked up to her and gave her custom-made stuffed animals of her logo!

3. Taylor Swift’s Portrait on a Turtle Shell

As one of the world’s leading pop stars, Taylor Swift has had no trouble taking the world by storm, inspiring many people. However, it’s not every day that a fan sends you a portrait of yourself painted on a turtle! This gift is not only cool, but considered one of the strangest things to be mailed.

4. Bradley Cooper’s Conducting Baton

Some gifts celebrities receive might also be a touch odd, but very impressive. For example, Bradley Cooper once received a conducting baton from a fan!

5. The Jonas Brothers Receiving a Hippo

At the 2008 Teen Choice Awards the Jonas Brothers revealed that the weirdest gift they’ve ever received from a fan was actually a hippo! Though they considered this one of the weirdest gifts that they’ve ever received, it’s definitely one of the coolest as well!

6. Adam Sandler Buying Maseratis for His Co-Stars

It’s safe to say that celebrities become fans of each other, feeling inspired from each other’s work. This is why it was so interesting to hear that Adam Sandler got each of his Grown Ups co-stars Maseratis after wrapping production for the film!

7. Lorde Received Car Keys From a Fan

This is another one of those stories that falls under “weird, but also cool” gifts given to celebrities from fans. In this situation, the New Zealand pop star was given keys to a fan’s car. Upon saying she couldn’t take the gift, the fan insisted, so now Lorde has the keys to someone’s car in North Carolina.

8. Ryan Magee Received a Furry Costume

In a mail room opening video, Ryan Magee (of the YouTube channel SuperMega) received a fursuit in the mail, allowing him to now dress up anytime he likes!

9. Danny From Game Grumps Getting Thoughtful Fanmail

Though it’s not a gift you can buy at a store, having a genuine emotional connection with your fans is sometimes the best gift a celebrity can receive. This is why when Dan Avidan (of the Game Grumps) opened up about his experience with mental illness during an episode, the amount of fanmail he received speaking about how inspiring he was helped him not feel as alone in his struggle.

This is a less common form of gift, but some of the most important gifts can’t be valued. Here’s a video of Dan responding to the gifts if you want to see more.

10. Maxwell Glick Received His Own Funko Pop

As one of the most exciting YouTube celebrities making content on the platform, Maxwell Glick is always making fun, engaging content under the name Mr. Cheezy Pop. He also received one of the coolest gifts a celebrity can get—a custom-made Funko Pop of himself! It turns out the father of one of Max’s fans made him the figure in exchange for a birthday gift, making it one of the most unique and intricate fan gifts!

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