10 Celebrities Who Made Real Life Heroic Rescues

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You are out on the water with your family enjoying a day on your boat. Suddenly, your boat starts taking on water. You are panicked, and all you can think about is getting your family to safety. It looks like stuff is only going from bad to worse, but then a silver lining appears in the strangest way it possibly could. Tom Cruise rolls up and saves your family, taking all of them onto his boat before the other boat sinks. I sight that example because you will be reading about it in a bit anyway, and it is the perfect set up for this article. Can you imagine how surreal it would be to be saved by a celebrity? Well, here are ten celebrities who did just that.

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Tom Cruise: The weirdest thing about Tom Cruise and this list is, this has happened more than once. Of all the celebrities who have made real life, heroic rescues, Tom Cruise seems to be in that predicament more than most. But to his credit, he swoops in like some tiny super hero and always somehow ends up saving the day. I already mentioned the boar example in the intro paragraph. But what about the time he saw a hit and run, took the woman to the hospital, and paid her bills? Or what about the two boys he pulled out of a crowd at one of his premiers because they were getting crushed?

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Jennifer Lawrence: So not only is this woman stunning, but she pretty much seems like the perfect girl. She does not portray herself as perfect at all, she portrays herself as flawed and human, which makes her even more likable. But did you hear the story about the woman Jennifer Lawrence found passed out in her neighborhood? She called 911, stayed with the woman, and made sure she was hydrated and okay until paramedics showed up. Must have been surreal passing out, then looking up and seeing Katniss.

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Harrison Ford: Seems Indiana Jones is a real life Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford is one of those celebrities who loves to fly, and uses his ability to fly (and helicopter he flies around for fun) to help save people. This story may date back to the 90’s, but a female hiker became dehydrated and lost during a trip she was taking up Table Mountain in Wyoming. Ford not only helped find her, but he got her and flew her out. Rumor is woman threw up in helicopter and had no idea that she was among Hollywood royalty at the time.

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Ryan Gosling: Ryan Gosling is another one of those celebrities that just seems to be in the right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it) place at the right (or again, wrong) time quite often. There was the story about him pulling a girl out of the way of oncoming traffic in New York because she was all discombobulated. There is also the story (and video) of the time he jumped in between two dudes who were duking it out in NYC. Man, it must stink being super handsome and naturally heroic.

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Vin Diesel: So Mr. Fast and the Furious himself was driving one afternoon when a car in front of him got in a horrible accident. A fire had started by the time Vin began pulling the two children out of the car. He also got the adults out just in time as the vehicle burst into flames. While it can be said, you never how dramatically retold these stories are by the time you hear them. Regardless, if he saved a family from potentially dying in a car wreck, that in undeniably heroic.

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David Lee Roth: Okay, so I realize up until now that most of the people on the list have been serious A-listers. But I needed to give some real props to this former Van Halen lead singer. The reason? David Lee Roth has actually left music to become an EMT. This means he uses all his time now to save people. It is one thing to come across a wreck and help someone (even I pulled someone out of a flaming car one outside of Boston), but for a man to devote his life to saving people is nothing short of admirable. Plus, he is David Lee Roth. You have to had grown up in the 80’s to know how awesome that man was.

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Kate Winslet: Not only did this lovely and talented actress save someone from a fire, but she saved the mother of one of the most successful business men in all the world: Richard Branson of Virgin. Seems a fire started while she was vacationing on the island that Branson owns. Winslet saw the house in flames, rushed in, and carried Richard Branson’s 90 year old Mother to safety. Sounds like something out of Titanic, right?

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Garth Brooks: Much like the above story, Garth Brooks was another one of the celebrities who showed they had real courage when it mattered. When the country crooner saw that a bad grass fire was spreading towards a local house, him and an unnamed buddy drove their truck over there to warn the people inside. When he saw it was two young boys had insisted they get in the truck and come with him and his friend. Sure enough, the house caught fire, but the boys were saved.

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T.I: When this Atlanta based rapper found out a fan of his was readying to jump off a twenty-two story building, T.I insisted that police let him talk to the man. Though normally frowned upon (leave that stuff up to professionals, kids), it seems the rapper had a 20 minute conversation with the potential jumper and go him to rethink his plan of action. The man was saved by a rapper more known for controversy than amazing deeds like this one.

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Sean Penn: While most actors and actresses on this list are on this list for one or two heroic deeds they did, Sean Penn might just be the poster child for heroic celebrities. Pretty much using his power and wealth to try to help anyone any time there is a natural disaster or otherwise. The most notable example being the Hurricane Katrina, when Penn went on by dingy to places that were flooded and, literally, pulled people from the water by the dozens. That is only one example of the countless times he has gone out of his way to help and save others.

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