10 of Our Favorite Ashlee Holmes Tweets

ashlee holmes

Ashlee Holmes has been in our homes for years now (see what I did there?) starring alongside her family on their hit reality television show. The daughter of New Jersey housewife Jacqueline Laurita, Ashlee Holmes has not always had it easy. Or perhaps she has had it easy, and that is precisely why she spent so much of her time getting into trouble as a younger woman. She and her mother clashed regularly for many years, her father and stepmother were in trouble with the law for insurance fraud and all of her worst moments were portrayed on national television for the entire world to see.

It was undoubtedly a difficult way for these two to go through Ashlee’s most formative years. It was likely embarrassing for Ashlee at school and with her peers, and it probably did not help matters much that everyone knew the most intimate details of her life. Now she’s all grown up, she getting married and she just had a baby boy of her own. She and her mother are in a much better place, they are much happier as a family and she’s got a brand new little family of her own. We are so excited about how well things turned out for her, and we thought we might share some of our favorite Ashlee Holmes tweets with you for fun.  

The Best News Ever  Congratulations to Ashlee and her entire family on the birth of this new baby boy! This is such exciting news, and we are so happy to hear all went well. Though I have to tell you that after giving birth to four kids of my own, including a set of twins, Ashlee Holmes was in labor far longer, and pushed far longer than I did for all four of mine combined! I think I pushed for maybe 10 minutes total over the course of three labors (the twins were my fastest!). It takes a strong woman to do anymore than that!

A Mother’s Love 

There really is no better feeling in the world than the instantaneous love you feel for your baby.

She’s Confident  It’s always so sad to me when a pregnant woman feels as though she is not beautiful or that she is not good enough. I’m pleased to see that Ashlee Holmes is not one of those women.

She Will Change Her Mind 

Oh, she will change her mind. That last 6 weeks of every one of my pregnancies was miserable and I said the exact same thing. Then I gave birth, and then I began to miss my baby bump. Even after the twins, and boy is it no joke carrying to babies in a tiny body.

That’s the Spirit  You wait impatiently for months to be able to feel your baby move for the first time, you spend months loving it, and then suddenly you can see the light at the end of your tunnel and all you want is an eviction notice served.


There is always, always, always something to look forward to in life. I like that Ashlee Holmes seems to realize this and appreciate it in her own life.

True Story  I have a thought about regrets; they’re only for unhappy people. If you are a happy person, you won’t regret anything. Even the negatives in your life shape you and make you the person you are now. If you are truly happy with yourself, nothing should be a regret.

Lately? Or Always?

I mean, I’m no cinnamon roll expert or anything, but I’m actually pretty certain they are made with crack.

Yes, That’s the Feeling  Pretty much the last few months of any pregnancy, every time, all the time summed up in one short scene from one terrible movie from a book that everyone loved.

No Fun At All 

That’s the good thing about being a pregnant woman in Florida; no need for help with shoes. I mean, I was pregnant three times with four kids and managed to make my Tory Burch Millers last every single pregnancy no matter what time of year – because Florida weather. They’re like the widest shoes ever, so they fit your fat pregnant feet, and you can slip them on without having to admit to yourself the basketball in your belly is too big to allow you to do simple tasks. Don’t get me started on leg shaving, though. That wasn’t happening.

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