10 of Our Favorite Hilaria Baldwin Tweets

Hilaria Baldwin

She’s the wife of Alec Baldwin, the mother of three small children, and she’s a yoga instructor who loves health and fitness. She’s been in the press since she began dating Alec Baldwin in 2011, even more so when she married the much older actor in 2012, and she’s been in the press consistently since giving birth to three kids in three years. She and Alec Baldwin welcomed their daughter, Carmen in 2013, their son Rafael in 2015 and their son Leonardo in 2016. We don’t know if she’s done, if she wants more or if she will make another rapid succession announcement in a few months that she’s pregnant with baby number four in four years.

Frankly, we think she makes adorable babies, a darling pregnant woman and an inspiring Twitter-poster. Some may call her a gold-digger (because isn’t that what we tend to label all women who marry older men with a bit of bank?) or a fame-seeker, but we call her funny, entertaining and pretty inspiring. Say what you will, but we enjoy following her on Twitter; and we’re happy to provide you with just a few of the many reasons why.

She’s a proud mom  We love a proud mom, and we love following them on social media. There is nothing we love more than someone who enjoys her kids, and the positive aspects of parenting. We all know it sucks sometimes, but we prefer to hear about it when it’s made humorous or when it’s straight up made proud.

She struggles, too 

I love a mom who has the same struggles I have at home with my own kids, and who is not afraid to show it off and talk about it. What I love even more is the Hilaria Baldwin is like myself; she can joke about it, make light of it and not be miserable about it when it is so easy to feel that way.

She is insightful  She’s not just a pretty face. Hilaria Baldwin is a bright mind with an insightful and inquisitive soul. She isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind, even if others might criticize her for speaking her mind.

She’s a great multitasker 

When your schedule is hectic, you have to find a way to do 67 things at once. I love that she schedules her active time with her family time. Not only does she get to spend some quality time with her loved ones, she also gets to help them live healthy, active lives.

The sippie cup struggle  Look closely at any photo a mom posts from her car, from home or from anywhere she might be. I guarantee you will find a toy, a sippie cup, a pacifier, a diaper or a small foot or hand or face in the background somewhere. It’s our life.

She’s an animal lover 

I know I say this all the time. I love animal lovers. They are so amazing. Animals are beautiful creatures that deserve love, and people who make the time to love them are the best people in my opinion.

She’s all about good health  I love Hilaria Baldwin and her love of good health. I love that she’s not advocating for some sort of trendy new diet or wrap or something stylish. I love that she just wants people to get active and eat good food. I love her lack of agenda with the entire situation.

She’s got stress, too 

All moms are stressed moms. We all worry nonstop about our kids, even when we aren’t talking about it. There is not a second in the day we are not just a few seconds from a heart attack, but we force ourselves to look for the good and put the terrifying thoughts behind us for the most part.

She’s awesome  “There is no one right way to feed our babies,” she said. Boom. There you go. Thank you, Hilaria Baldwin, for speaking the truth. I’m so tired of the constant arguing and mom-shaming. Do yourself a favor and consider this: If you’re feeding your baby, loving your baby and being a good mom to your baby, you’re doing it right. Breast, bottle, pumping, supplementing; whatever. It’s all good, it’s all right, and we all do our best by our kids. We don’t need other moms shaming us for making different decisions. We have enough on our plates with kids in general; how about not teaching them by example to shame and bully others?

She gets the mobile baby struggle 

Babies that move; those are a problem. We all know it. We all live it. We all have to do what we can to get through this stage. The good news is that it’s great exercise, and the even better news is that it’s actually quite fun.

Photo by Getty Images 

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