10 of the Most Memorable Dolores Catania Quotes from RHONJ


She’s a new face on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and we already love her; Dolores Catania is pretty much awesome in every way. Typically, we aren’t huge fans of women who rely on men to take care of them and don’t do anything for themselves, but we love that she is so honest about it and that she knows she needs to take care of herself. Just last night as I was watching the most recent episode with my husband, she mentioned that she might have some internal fear of the new gym she’s opening because she’s afraid that she might fail, that she might actually succeed and that she will finally be able to take care of herself. We like that she’s got some fear of things that most of us fear; failing and succeeding and making changes in our lives.

Dolores Catania is a woman who probably is not everyone’s cup of tea – since no woman is – but we are huge fans already. Her hilarious quips and her fun personality make it pretty darn difficult not to love her, and that’s why we thought we might share with you a few of our favorite quotes from one of the newest housewives in the Jersey franchise.

Just give me a budget

Dolores wants a new house makeover. The only problem is that she is not financially able to do that on her own at this point in time. She gets all her financing from her ex-husband and she is completely open about that. When she tells him she wants a new kitchen, he gets a crew in to reface her cabinets. She wants new ones, and she wants to do the rest of the house. She tells him to just give a budget, and then she tells him he’s lucky that she only needs $10,000 to $20,000 a room.

I don’t love my birthday

When she was celebrating her birthday, she wasn’t. She mentioned to Teresa that she is not a fan of her birthday and that she doesn’t have that much love for it. She was happily surprised, however, when her girlfriends got together to throw her a little birthday luncheon during which Melissa Gorga had just a little bit too much fun. She loved watching her friends get together and she loved being celebrated. She’s a pretty good woman along that line, and we were happy to see her party turned out to be one in which no one punched anyone. It’s the little things.

Frank’s the boss

She’s got that one right. He gives her the money so he gets to make the decisions. She is perfectly well aware of this, and she is not even at all mad about it. She laughs it off and she makes light of the situation. In a later camera interview, however, she does mention that it is time to care for herself and to get her life in order so she is only dependent on herself. We love that she recognizes how much she needs to learn to care for herself, too. She’s not someone who is going to sit back and allow her life to pass her by any longer. This much be the storyline she felt she had to share with the show for so many years.

I can finally begin to focus on ME

In one of her recent blogs, Dolores opened up about the fact that her kids are grown, she’s becoming independent and she is finally learning to focus on herself. We love that, and we think it is exceptionally important for her to do just that.

The time is right now for me to put as much energy into myself as I have into everyone around me through the years.

As a mother, I get this. You put so much focus into the kids, your husband, their lives, your home, everyone but yourself. I love to spend a little selfish time on myself, but it is not always that easy to do when you have a family to care for at home. Now is her time, and we say go for it, D!

I know that I need to love myself unconditionally first

Dolores openly admits that she’s had some less than ideal relationships with men in the past, despite how well she and her ex-husband get along these days. She wants to learn to love herself before she learns to love someone else. Good for you, Dolores.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a zoo

It sounds like the same feeling every parent has every once in a while, but she’s actually feeling like she lives in a zoo. Her daughter is studying to become a veterinarian, and she feels that there are sometimes so many animals in the house that she can’t even begin to name them all.

We all want better for our kids

Yes, yes, and yes. Even though I have no complaints about my own childhood, I still want more for my own kids. I want them to travel. I want them to learn to embrace the world and the differences we all have, and I think that Dolores is spot on with this one.

Don’t ever put your own happiness in anyone’s hands by your own

This is a message to ladies everywhere; and it’s a good one. Dolores knows firsthand that this is not a great way to live her life. She has learned this the difficult way, but she is also learning that it’s not too late to make some very important changes in her own life in the same fashion.

My decision to reinvent myself couldn’t have come at a better time

She’s not sure who she is going to be just yet, but she knows she wants to be someone better. So far, we like what we see with her. She manages to maintain her friendships with everyone despite the fact that they don’t seem to love one another all that much anymore, and we really appreciate that.

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