10 Rock Stars You Should be Following on Twitter

rock stars

You can’t consider yourself a true rock star fan if you’re not following the best of the best on Twitter. For one, your favorite rock stars are so much more than rockers. Did you know, for instance, that they’re sometimes funny, hilarious and even very sweet? We love Twitter because it allows us to see who is what and where, and it allows us to get to know our favorite rockers a bit more. Sure, you think you know them right now. You think that they just sing, they rock out, they drink a little too much, they probably dabble in drugs that they shouldn’t do (all while believing that because they are rock stars that it makes it all right?!) and that they’re just awesome.

Did you know that your favorite rock star might love kittens or puppies, or that he might be a father to a little baby and all he does it post sweet baby photos? Did it ever occur to you that your favorite rockers are hardcore political activists, philanthropists, husbands and wives? Additionally, they’re just plain entertaining whether it’s on the internet or on a stage somewhere rocking out. If you’re not afraid to change your view of your favorite rock star, follow him or her on Twitter. We can tell you which accounts are the best ones, not that you have to agree with us, of course.

ted nugent


If you want to live your life entertained, follow this guy. He’s seriously the most hilarious, wittiest and most all-feeling rockstar on the planet. He has serious opinions, he’s intelligent, and he’s not afraid to spark some controversy with his fans and with the world. He’s a man worth following every single day.

guns n roses


Who loves controversy? Just the guys from Guns N’ Roses, and you will always find it here. Their music is hardcore, and they are hardcore; and we love every second of it. They are the kind of men who make it possible to love them even more than you already did. That’s not an easy feat on social media these days.

pete wentz

@petewentz or @ztnewetep

You pick which one to follow; but I bet you follow both. It’s Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, and his Twitter is funny. He will send you back and forth between the two of these accounts, and you’ll spend more time than you might think figuring out where to go and what to do. Then all you have to do is laugh about it. It’s worthwhile.

pearl jam


They’re Pearl Jam, so what else do you need to know to follow them? They’re classic. They also love to give prizes to their fans, to share their personal stories and photos, and to let you in their lives in a very personal manner. It’s a fun account, and it’s one worth following.

sammy hagar


He’s a man who loves a good party. He is also a man who understands that he sometimes needs to bring the party to life. He is also a man who sometimes realizes that he has to bring the party to his fans. He’s big on it, and he makes announcements on his page that most other rock stars don’t, which is always welcome. His fans love feeling like they’re friends instead of strangers.

black sabbath


If you’re a Black Sabbath fan, this is the account to follow. You’ll find out everything you’ve been dying to know about the band, and you’ll learn more than you thought possible. If you want to see sneak peeks and throwbacks from forever ago, this is the account to follow.

The Rolling Stones


The most classic of classic rock bands, this is a fan favorite. This is an account that keeps you up to date on the band’s location, their tour dates, performances and even surprise ventures they might go on. They are big on being user-friendly with their fans, and it’s worked well for them.

ray toro


My Chemical Romance is a classic rock band, and they are a fun group to follow. Ray Toro is a huge fan of music, and he is always promoting the different artists he personally loves, and it’s a great way

Motley Crue


He’s the man behind Motley Crue, and he likes to keep the world up to date on what they are doing as a group. He might be someone you want to follow if you are a fan, because he’s also someone who doesn’t care who he offends or what you think. That makes him far more entertaining than most.



They’re everywhere, including the internet. They like to keep their fans up to date on their latest happenings. They like to share articles, and share their opinions and share with their fans where they will be, why they will be there and how you can find them. Talk about loving your fans; they’re it.

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