10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alisha Boe


Alisha Boe is a Norwegian-Somali actress born on March 6, 1997. She is most notable for her Netflix original series role as Jessica Davis in 13 Reasons Why, but has had other significant roles that have helped her to build her career into what it is today. She has had roles in horror film, paranormal films, as well as she had a recurring role on a popular Soap Opera. Born to a Somalian father and Norwegian mother, Alisha Boe has spent most of her life in the US; part of her young life on the east coast, and the remainder have been on the west, due to her trying to pursue her acting career. You may recognize this young actor from one or more of her films or television appearances, but here are ten things you don’t know about Alisha Boe.

1. Born in Norway

Boe was born in Norway and in 2000, at the age of three, Boe and her family moved to New York City. Four years later, Boe and her mother moved to Los Angeles, California due to the fact that her mother married an American man and it was where he needed to move. Boe attended several schools in the LA area, including, George Ellery Hill Middle School, and El Camino Real High School.

2. Dropped out of school

After spending some time in high school, Boe decided to drop out of high school in order to pursue her acting career. She had been a part of the high school’s drama program, found out that she really liked it and actually had a real talent for acting, so she said goodbye to the high school life and started trying out for roles.

3. Acting Debut

Boe made her acting debut in 2000 when she took the role of Child Lisa in the horror film, Amusement. Just one year later, Boe accepted the part of Lacey in the film, He’s on my Mind, and in 2012, she played Tara in Paranormal 4. 2014 was a year where she played two guest roles in two shows, Modern Family, and Extant.

4. Who was her inspiration to act?

Like most actors and actresses, Boe had her inspiration behind acting, and they were big inspirations for her career. She has said that the two most important people that gave her inspiration to follow her dreams of acting, were Mary-Kate, and Ashley Olsen. So how did they influence her? Well, in an interview, Boe claimed that she always knew she loved acting, but it wasn’t until she played the role of Michelle in a Full House play at school, that she made the commitment to pursue her acting career.

5. Best friends with co-stars

It’s hard not to get close to your cast mates when you work with them on a daily basis. Sometimes you don’t become as close to some as others, but Boe has become very close to her cast mates of 13 Reasons Why. Her closest friends from the show, on and off the set include, Miles Heizer, Brandon Flynn, and Tommy Dorfman. It has been said that Boe is the main one behind their friendship building, and they are always showing off their fun and antics on their social media sites.

6. Has at least one tattoo

Well, we know of at least one tattoo that Boe has and it’s a semi colon, and she isn’t the only one who has it. Boe and her co-star Tommy Dorfman and executive producer of 13 Reasons Why, Selena Gomez, all got the semi colon tattoos on their wrists and the meaning of it is that “this is not the end, but it is the beginning.”

7. Plays a younger age

Despite being a 20 year old now, Boe plays a younger girl who happens to be in her teens. Some girls just have a natural look of youth that can be passed off as a younger character, which happens to be Boe’s ability. She plays a girl in her teens on 13 Reasons Why, and apparently it is very believable, but I wonder what will happen if she suddenly sprouts out, and up and really looks her age. It happens sometimes, but with the wondrous abilities of movie make-up artists, she may be able to still pull it off for a while.

8. What type of personality does she have?

Boe has been described as an introvert, shy and a little to herself, except with her close friends However, she is also known to be an adventurous type of person who likes to get out there and do things; have fun and see new things. She doesn’t seem to be much of a homebody, but likes to experience and see new things.

9. She got backlash for her character’s rape

One thing Boe has learned while playing her role on 13 Reasons Why, is that there are still many people who want to blame a rape victim no matter what the situation, especially if the victim had been drinking, which is precisely what happened. Her character was drunk in one off the episodes, and another character took advantage of the situation and raped her. She felt like just because he was cute and charming, he was not to blame, but her character was for being drunk. All of the flak that she received for this, made her want to speak out on behalf of rape survivors in real life. She’s become an advocate for what she considers to be a racist type of attitude.

10. 13 Reasons Why has been eye-opening

The hit show has some harsh lessons and a lot of deep, thought provoking content. The basis of the show is that a girl commits suicide and before committing the act, she records 13 cassettes that are delivered to 13 people who the girl claims to have played a role in her decision to commit suicide, and Boe’s character happens to be one of those people. It’s been a learning experience for Boe and a real eye-opener about what those who are going through depression and thoughts of suicide, have to battle in their minds.


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